Steam key (early access)


Early access to via Steam
Important: this only works on PC. It does not work on MACs

» Digital delivery via Steam. You need to use Steam to download and play the game. You will be provided with a Steam key in order to activate the game inside the Steam client.

» You need to be 13 years or older to be able to use Steam.
» Steam keys are non-refundable. Once used there is technically no ability for us to refund the order.

» System Requirements can be found here
» All updates to included for free (alpha, beta), including the final game
» Soft-body physics sandbox
» 7 detailed, customizable, destructible vehicles
» 6 terrains to explore and drive across
» Frequent free updates adding terrains, vehicles, features, gameplay, and bug fixes
» Full modding and content creation capabilities - make maps and vehicles, and script gameplay
» Use the built-in terrain editor and any 3D modeling, image editing, and text editing software
» About the Alpha Access

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