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AGON: The Lost Sword of Toledo


AGON - The Lost Sword of Toledo is the fourth instalment of the series. It is 1904. Professor Hunt visits the historic city of Toledo, the land of famous Spanish sword-forging. Narrow streets, squares from the Middle Ages, silence and calm all around. Yet… very soon he becomes aware of certain malicious activities behind the scenes, mainly around a valuable sword, an exceptional masterpiece that has been stolen. Family revenge? Black magic? Lost bet? Dishonest intrigue? It turns out that the only way for Professor Hunt to fulfill his mission is to find the precious sword and reveal the truth. Looking for clues, he has to deal with a number of mysterious objects and riddles, such as a music box playing a painter’s favorite melody, the message of an El Greco painting, the wonderful patterns of Spanish majolica - and of course people, some of them not entirely honest… Eventually the Professor is challenged in Alquerque, one of the oldest board games ever created.

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