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Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary


An adventure that will astonish...a challenge thatwill be remembered. Product InformationImmerse yourself in a hauntingly beautiful incredibly realistic 3D world ofthrills and suspense. Journey through eerie atmospheric environmentswhile attempting to solve the numerous puzzles and riddles that await youin this story-driven adventure.As Jonathan Harker you know that your wife Mina trapped under the Vampire'sspell will never be safe as long as Dracula is still alive. You must nowhunt down Dracula in an attempt to vanquish him forever. Follow a lethaltrail in a chase from London back to Transylvania: from an insane asylum toDracula's castle and through an underground prison littered with the bones offorgotten men arriving finally at Dracula's Last Sanctuary. Only with your wits and ingenuity can Dracula be defeated. Prepareyourself for an incredible adventure. Product Features Freely explore more than 40 different scenes and locations. Solve challenging puzzles. Over 30 hours of gameplay. Stunning 3D graphics and animation.

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