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Egypt 3: The Egyptian Prophecy


An Ancient Riddle Lies Waiting To Be Solved... Embark on an amazing journey as you attempt to uncover the hidden secrets behinda fascinating mystery. As your adventure unfolds you must solve an array of ancient riddles that will help a dying Pharaoh survive and restore Egypt to glory. With challenging riddles and ancient puzzles you explore secret chambers and hidden tombs. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary world with numerous characters to interact with...an ancient riddle lies waiting to be solved! Travel along the Nile River and explore magnificent locations and monuments such as: Pi-Ramses Memphis and the Labyrinth of Ptah. Along your journey interact with a multitude of unique characters. Decipher numerous intriguing 3D real-time puzzles set in breathtaking environments. Uncover ancient rituals lost monuments artifacts and Egyptian mythology.

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