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Enola is a horror/adventure game about fear, isolation and murder. You play as an unnamed woman who has awoken on a desolate island, without any knowledge of her whereabouts. Over the course of your travels you find there is something else on the island...something dark and evil lurking in the shadows. Visit foreboding locations, solve intriguing puzzles and find clues to uncover mysteries about the island and your own identity. You’ll have to be quick and cunning to survive; but do you have what it takes to save another life?

Note: This game is a work in progress and your purchase supports its development. Regular updates will be released, but bugs and missing features are to be expected. By buying Enola at this early stage, you get it a discounted price. You also get access to current and future alpha builds, betas, and a DRM-Free digital copy of the game when it's finished.