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Who hasn't heard of Homer's "Odyssey?" Troy has fallen by his ingenuity, but mocking a god is unwise. Ulysses wil pay for this error... "Odissea - An Almost True Story" is an adventure that "almost" recounts the deeds of Ulysses. You'll be taken to legendary places including: The Cave of the Cyclops, Calypso's Island, and The Siren's Tavern as he embarks on his long journey in search of Ithaca and beloved Penelope. There will be many tests devised by Poseidon, but fortunately not all wish to see him suffer. Athena will aid you and thanks to her advice Ulysses may yet see Ithaca again where other troubles threaten to boil over. Twenty years is a long time, and the Proci have been attempting to court Penelope to steal away Ulysses' kingdom. Who among the pretenders will draw the king's magic bow for the Queen's hand? One of the princes, Ulysses' son Telemachus, or Ulysses himself?