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Three years have passed since Bob Marshall and Neena joined the Quantumnaut Fleet, the controllers of the space-time paradoxes of the Multiverse. Thanks to a fortunate and rapid series of connected coincidences and his incredible capacity for adapting to the most desperate of situations, Bob managed to get himself promoted to the rank of Captain very quickly... And obviously managed to get his very own Quantumship, the "Higgins One". But not everything in the garden was rosy. Envy was present even on board the Quantumnaut Orbital Station. Several months earlier, Neena had become Bob's wife, but Colonel Fen'Herh had not stopped pestering her with his insistent advances. What better way to get rid of Bob than to send him on a mission with no possibility of return, to the edges of the "Immense Black", the largest supermassive black hole ever discovered? Unbelievably, Bob found himself reliving the same situation from three years before. This time it wasn't the fault of Space Pirates, but the total lack of understanding on his part of things such as "event horizons" and "singularities". The Quantumship managed to escape the grasp of the "Immense Black" just in time, but the reactors, now damaged, wouldn't allow a "jump" towards the Orbital Station. The only hope of salvation was a small planet, the first one that could be reached from the place the accident had occurred to try to land gently on its surface, and to hope that there was a population there to interact with. Perhaps a peaceful one. The journey lasted around two months, but fortunately he managed to land there. He discovered very quickly that not only was "Tir" inhabited, but that he found himself in a potentially privileged situation. The inhabitants, robots, worshipped him immediately, declaring him as "God returned to save them". For some, however, Bob absolutely was not a divinity, but a normal being, as normal as their creators were, called the "Ancient Astronauts" by the atheists (yes, even among robots there can be atheists). Being a god might be nice (enemies notwithstanding), but Neena was definitely more important, and Colonel Fen'Herh couldn't go unpunished.