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Online Classes

Mastering Cubase 7 - An Interactive Tutorial Series - $179.00
Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson tutorial series taught by In Your Ear's star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos Chafin and Ms. Stefl which covers everything from launching the program to mastering the skills needed for this deep and incredible program. The package of 15 tutorial projects can be purchased, and downloaded from IYE's online store. Exercises to reinforce recording, editing, tempo and pitch correction, MIDI, mixing techniques, and much more are included. Mastering Cubase 7 consists of over 3 hours of video instruction and up to 20+ hours of practice and implementation. This is a one of a kind course! It's not just tutorial videos, but embedded lessons, so interaction with the program is encouraged. Welcome to the most comprehensive and friendly Cubase course available at any price!

*Please note this course will require about 14GB of space on your hard drive.


Complete albums from artists that have recorded at In Your Ear. For $9.99, you can download either the MP3s or full resolution wav files.

Robbin Thompson - A Real Fine Day - $9.99
A Real Fine Day is the latest release from Robbin Thompson. This new album features eight new songs, and a few uniquely performed covers of The Word and I Heard it Through the Grapevine. There's even a gospel song featuring the Phin, a string instrument from Thailand. This new release is really strong, and unique, defiantly worth the wait. But check out this sample and listen for yourself.
Everwilde - Further Down The Line - $9.99
Further Down The Line is the debut album from one of Virginia's strongest new country rock bands. Great songwriting and production will have you waiting for the next one from these guys. Buy the album then do yourself a favor and go see them live! To here a demo, click here.
Hannah Magnelli - $9.99
Hannah is a young, multilingual, beautiful and amazing vocalist, but that's not even the half of her story. Whether it's graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University's music department or the summer she spent at Bel Canto Institute in Florence Italy or the summers with the West-East Divan Orchestra in Spain or her internship at the Gran Teatre Del Liceu in Barcelona, Hannah is always working, striving to be the best. Making the transition from stage performer to recording artist can be daunting, but not for Hannah Magnelli. First she took the Computer and Digital Recording Course we teach in conjunction with VCU and then picking us to record her debut album. Beautifully performed and produced by Hannah and recorded by Andrea Stefl, this album is well, amazing! Hannah's version of Cinema Paradiso (Se) is worth the cost of this whole album alone, it's that good. If you love great singers and melodic songs from Opera and Stage, you need to quit reading and start downloading this album right now, it's that good! To audition, click here.
Carbon Leaf- Live, Acoustic and in Cinemascope - $30.00
"Carbon Leaf Live, Acoustic and in Cinemascope" is a double album with DVD bonus.This awesome live concert was recorded in front of an audience of 80 in In Your Ear's Studio A. Carbon Leaf played 18 songs covering all albums through "Nothing Rhymes with Woman" and this double album has over 2 hours of content. Check out this Clip
The Robbin Thompson Band - "Stand Up" single - $2.99
The Robbin Thompson Band recently debuted a new song at their National and Norva Theatre Concerts. "Stand Up" is now available as a free download with the purchase of any other item in our store! After your purchase, return here with your coupon code and get Stand Up for free. The song is the perfect backdrop for VCU RAM DOMINATION!
JAMinc - Volume One - $9.99
JAMinc is an organization formed in Richmond, Va to promote jazz and acoustic music. Whether it's an educational concert at one of the area schools or a concert from In Your Ear's acoustically amazing Studio A, JAMinc's shows are always special events. Over the past seven years and over fifty concerts, some really magical musical moments have been captured at the In Your Ear shows. Now you can have some of these great performances for you very own. These are honest performances, live with no overdubs or Autotuned vocals - proving when it's done right the first time, you don't need to mess with it. The album has been featured on NPR's The Folk Sampler and recently nominated for an Independent Music Award. Featured artists include Howard Levy and Chris Seibold, John Cephas, Bruce Molsky, Cadillac Sky, The Kruger Bros, Mike Lille, Eliza Lynn, Wayne Henderson and Ellen White, Dirk Hamilton, Tony Furtado, Brian Bowers, Rick Epping and Jesse Harper and Friends. Listen
Kip Williams - Time - $9.99
Drummer and percussionist Kip Williams has been around the professional music business for years. So when he finally decided to record his first solo album, he wanted to make a serious statement. It took a lot of planning, scheduling and recording and two years later, he finally had Time. Now it's your time to order this super fine album of classic jazz material played by Kip and his fabulous musical friends. Guests performances include Steve Kessler, Chad Gustafson - Keyboards, Keith Horne, Carl Lester and Matt Hall - Bass, Kevin Davis - Percussion and Skip Gayles and James "Saxmo" Gates on Saxophone. The critics think Kip's efforts were worth the wait and we're sure you will too. Listen
Samson Trinh and The Upper East Side Big Band - $9.99
Samson Trinh and The Upper East Side Big Band is serious business. This uber talented group is one the most exciting large bands anywhere and with this unique take on the Beatles classic album "Abbey Road", their popularity is growing fast. Featuring great vocal performances by Adrian Duke, Allyson Steele and Curtis Mills and fab instrumental rhythm and brass work from the TUESBB, you're gonna love this album! But don't take our word for it, behold the awesomeness for your own self. Listen
Just A Blur In The Rearview - Robbin Thompson - $9.99
Just A Blur In The Rearview is Robbin Thompson's most current studio produced album. Finished in 2009, the album is his most diverse. It features everything from the Independent Music Award winning Gospel groove of "Move On Down The Line" to the haunting Asian-influenced "Water From The Moon". Just A Blur is simply Thompson at his very best with rock-solid musical backing from some of the best players anywhere. Listen
The Robbin Thompson Band - Live at the National - $9.99
Back in the late 70's and early 80's, The Robbin Thompson Band was one of the top touring bands on the East Coast. RTB was noted for Robbin's great songs and the amazing talents of it's band members - Velpo Robertson on guitar, Eric Heiberg on keys, Bobby "Rico" Antonelli on drums and Audie Stanley on bass. Last year the band reformed and they've never sounded better! The CD featured here is a companion to the DVD concert also featured here on the IYE Store. Listen
Rex Richardson - Magnum Opus - 21st Century Trumpet Concertos - $9.99
Rex Richardson is one of the great trumpters of our time and we're very proud he's chosen In Your Ear to record many of his amazing performances. Magnum Opus is a remarkable album; it features great musicians playing new music recorded for this first-time collection. From the beautiful string and trumpet work "Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra" by Dana Wilson to Rex's own "Fantasy 016" to the incredible breadth of Doug Richards masterpiece "The Intercontinential Concerto for Trumpet and Jazz Orchestra", this album is unique, profound and significant. We're sure you'll agree. Check out a small sample by clicking here.Listen
Sad Biscuit Jones - Angels, 8's & Aces - $9.99
Sad Biscuit Jones is a band of good friends that write cool songs, play and record them with loving care and then have the good sense to throw them out for everyone to enjoy. If you love honest garage rock that dishes up semi-deep lyrics about drinking and roads less taken, then you've found the album your iPod has been missing! Think of Dylan, Wilco, Cake and The Kinks in an audio blender. 'Nuff analysis already, check it out yourself by boldly clicking here -> Listen
Wayne Henderson and Helen White - Live From Virginia a.k.a In Your Ear - $9.99
Wayne Henderson is a musical legend known worldwide for his lightning fast "pinch picking" guitar style and the beautiful guitars, mandolins and banjos he crafts in his shop in Rugby, Virginia. Wayne was honored for both his craftsmanship and playing at the White House in 1995 as a recipient of the prestigous National Heritage Award. Helen White is respected as an old time fiddler, tunesmith and singer in her current home in Southwest Virginia and her native North Carolina. She is founder and Regional Director of the Junior Appalachian Program (JAM) which introduces mountain children to their musical heritage. The live set presented here was recorded at a JAMinc. Concert in 2009 and recorded by Carlos Chafin and mixed by Paul Bruski here at the Ear. Check it out right here. Listen
The Robbin Thompson Band - Two B's Please - $9.99
Two B's Please was released in 1980 and is reported to have sold 200,000 copies. Some of Robbin's most popular songs including "Brite Eyes", "Candyapple Red", and the unofficial Virginia State Song "Sweet Virginia Breeze" are featured on this album. Even though "Brite Eyes" was in the billboard magazine top 60 at the time of the albums release, "Two B's Please" suffered promotional difficulties due to the bankruptcy of it's national record company. Two B's was produced by Ken Brown and recorded at Alpha Audio in Richmond with engineering by Joe Horner and Carlos Chafin. Background vocals on the majority of the disc are performed by Eagle's bassist Timothy B. Schmit and Firefall's Rick Roberts. Check out a few of these classic tracks by clicking here. Listen
Robbin Thompson - One Step Ahead Of The Blues - $9.99
"One Step Ahead of the Blues" was Robbin's first album to display and original cover by Virginia artist Jay Bohannan. It features backing vocals by Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles, performances by former Dave Matthews Band keyboardist little Butchy Taylor and a song called "Orange Moon" that was recorded in Shanghai, China featuring traditional chinese instruments. Also included is a previously unreleased song by Bruce Springsteen titled Train Song. A great-sounding recording, you should give One Step a listen by clicking here. Listen
Robbin Thompson: Live in Studio A - $9.99
Live in Studio A was recorded at In Your Ear with a sell-out audience of 160 people over the course of two evenings. Robbin is known for strong live performances and along with special guests, Michael Lille, Carlos Chafin, and Jeff Gilkinson, this special event has become one of Robbin's best selling recordings. Re-live the magic by clicking here. Listen


The Robbin Thompson Band: Live at the National DVD - $18.00
Back in the late 70's and early 80's, The Robbin Thompson Band was one of the top touring bands on the East Coast. RTB was noted for Robbin's great songs and the amazing talents of it's band members - Velpo Robertson on guitar, Eric Heiberg on keys, Bobby "Rico" Antonelli on drums and Audie Stanley on bass. Last year the band reformed and they've never sounded better! The DVD featured here is a companion to the CD also featured here on the IYE Store.Check out this Clip

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In Your Ear T-Shirts - $0.00
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