Mac Utility Bundle - MacTuneUp 7.0 & DiskTools Pro


Get DiskTools Pro and MacTuneUp 7.0 for only $89.99, the ultimate utility toolkit to speed up your Mac and give you more space.

MacTuneUp 7.0

Built from the ground up- Designed to help your Mac run better than new by regaining disk space and resources.
Speed up your Mac- Over time, your Mac gets slowed down by excess clutter and junk files. Get your speed back up with macTuneUp.
Set it and forget it- Schedule macTuneUp to run whenever you want - set the time and frequency and rest easy.
Improve brand new Macs- Remove up to 8 gigabytes of unneccessary files to get your new Mac running at peak performance.
Remove unwanted apps- Even if you thought you deleted unused apps, they could still be lingering- macTuneUp will catch it all.
Retrieve gigabytes of disk space- macTuneUp will find and remove gigabytes of wasted disk space to help your Mac run smoothly.

DiskTools Pro:

Advanced Scheduling- The only utility that allows you to schedule when to perform important tasks such as file defragmentation, backup and bad sector repair.
No Boot CD- Run nearly every tool on your boot volume without having to un-mount it first
Create bootable backups- Easily copy an entire volume to another destination to keep your system safe.
Defragment your files- DiskTools Pro safely defragments your files to keep your Mac up to speed.

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macTuneUp 7.0 Download

$29.99 $12.00

Some of the advances made in macTuneUp 7.0 include:

•Built from the ground up in order to maximize the performance of Apple’s newest operating system as well as older OS versions

•More in depth and faster scanning of your Mac

•Removes unnecessary language files that come preloaded and take up precious hard drive space

•New scheduling tool allows for automatic cleaning of your system

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