Save $35 when purchasing 4 Pixel Film Studios effect plugins. The bundle includes PROVEGA™, PROSHIVER™, PROTRACE™, and PROLENS™.

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$39.95 $27.97

Amazing 5K High-Quality PROFLARE™ Flares can be utilized on all major editing platforms for HD to 5k outputs with super clarity and detail. PROFLARE 5k™ composites were filmed on high-dynamic range 5k sensors and now film editors can simply drag-and-drop their way to a better look.


$39.95 $27.97

Final Cut Pro X users can bring their 2D images to life with PROJECTION™ from Pixel Film Studios™. This plugin allows editors to map a photo of an alley, hallway or room onto a 3D environment in FCPX. PROJECTION™ also gives users the ability to add text, logos, or keyed footage to their 3D room.


$39.95 $27.97

Editors can give their film an epic or magical look by adding hi-res particles to their footage with PROPIXIE 5K™. This collection of 35 clips can be applied to HD or 5K projects in any non-linear editing software. Simply drag and drop one of the video file on top of your footage in the timeline and select a composite method.