A Different Kind of Textbook.


Perhaps your family doesn’t rely on group texts to keep in touch. Maybe you get together on weekends for barbecues or meet up at your mom’s house for Sunday dinner. In our family, that’s just not practical. Why not? Well, because we're all over the place! Literally, not figuratively. So, group texting it is, the 21st century way to keep in touch. It’s a way to share what we’re up to and where we’re at. A way to coordinate the wardrobe of a finely dressed monkey. A way to plan for the apocalypse. A way to let our mom know we’re not dead. If you’re looking for serious business advice or hidden family secrets, you might be disappointed. If you’re looking for a quick FUN and hilarious read, you’ve come to the right place. Get our Family Textbook for $2.99 - read online or download as a pdf. It’s hilarifying!