Aabel NG2, v5: New Standard Licenses


Aabel NG2, v5 x64: A highly modern GUI and unmatched integration of statistical/multivariate data analysis, exploratory analytics, scientific graphing & thematic mapping, data processing utilities, practical use and graphic quality; an icon of power and modeless simplicity for professional users.

Important ordering information:
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  • - The name and organizational email address of the purchaser
  • - The End-User name and organizational email address, and mailing address of the corresponding organization

License Types

  • Aabel NG2, v5: Individual-User New Standard License $1,350.00
  • Aabel NG2, v5: 1-Seat Workgroup New Standard License $1,375.00
  • Aabel NG2, v5: 5-Seat Workgroup New Standard License $5,975.00