Abhisam GOLD Membership Level

$149.00 Monthly

  • First Month $399.00

The Abhisam GOLD Membership level is meant for individuals. It allows you to access the FULL CATALOG of courses on the Abhisam Learning Portal for one monthly membership fee.
You can access all courses and get one Certification Exam free every month. You can purchase additional certification exams at a discounted cost if needed. This is an incredible price that saves you plenty of $$$. Instead of buying individual courses, you can get all courses for one monthly subscription.
Note: 1. First month includes membership enrollment fee of $250 (non refundable).
2. Hence first month will be $399 followed by $149 every month.
3. You can cancel anytime, however there will be no partial refund for the remaining days in the month of cancellation.
4. Only Online Versions of courses are included in the membership (not Download Versions).