HAZOP ( Enterprise Version )


The HAZOP e-learning course, Enterprise version is a Cloud based version, which is available in blocks. Every block gives access to 10 learners. The Learners can access the course from any location via a standard browser (Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox with the Flash plugin enabled).

Access is for a period of ONE YEAR. Every learner is entitled to get Certified for free after taking (and passing) the Abhisam online Certification test for HAZOP within that period.

After placing the order please send us a list of the learners that will access the course, with the following information for each: First Name, Last Name, Email.

Access will be enabled within One Business Day. Every learner will get an email with the login details.

If you need to train more than 10 learners, simply purchase more blocks, by changing the quantity in the box above. For example if you need to train 40 learners, simply change the quantity to 4.