Man's Guide to Introducing His Wife, Partner or Girlfriend to Female Led Relationship - FOR CHRISTAIN MEN


By M. Lyman Hill - Publisher of
Comments by: Donna Thomas Ms.D, D.M., Mary Belk M.A. and romance novelist Megan Hussey

Finally help for men from The most comprehensive guide to introducing your mate to FLR ever written.

This special edition has 5 chapters specifically for Christian men who want to introduce their women to FLR.

The "A Dream Come True" series was developed for men and women as a starting point for female led relationship. Female led relationships (FLR) refer to any relationship where the woman is leading her mate, from bossy women who assert informal leadership to women asserting formal control over all aspects of a couples lives.

This book will help you introduce your women to female led relationship. It is a starting point to a lifestyle filled with enjoyment and satisfaction for women and men. The authors have written it in a way that allows you to be "real" by demonstrating traits and behaviors FLR men will be doing in an FLR."

13 chapters, 70 pages, illustrated

PDF version is available for discreet/immediate download

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