A Woman’s Guide to a Better Relationship Through Training


By aboutFLR.com

This program follows a logical path to a positive outcome. It was built on a body of knowledge from interviews, survey data, self-assessments, an understanding of psychology and antidotal information gathered over a 2 year period. The authors believe couples are free to design their relationship in any way that pleases them with whatever elements they choose and for their own reasons....

Women believe they are as good or better leaders than men, are better at communication, and are better at creating intimacy. 88% of women believe that they are in some or all ways better than men. 62% of women who want FLR also stated they have modest to high anxiety of taking the reigns as relationship leader. This program takes that into account.

Ultimately the reason for training is to have a better relationship and happier more productive people. In female led relationships, your man is asking for your leadership, authority over him, your blessing for him to serve and support you and your help to learn the best ways of accomplishing that.