A couple’s guide to training 2 – female led relationships


By aboutFLR.com

This guide is for those who have read the training guide for women and want to create a lifestyle of FLR. We do not review the information in the guide and strongly suggest you read it. That guide describes the experimentation couples use to decide to go on with their FLR. This is aimed at couples who want to get their FLR going permanently. This guide is for level 4 and beyond, but a good start for any FLR where the man has committed to serious change.

Why would any women engage in training a full grow man anyway? That is the question most women would ask. The truth is that by training women can actually help their men and themselves to a better, less complicated, and more satisfying life. Because he is willing and she is able, the relationship gets better and more streamlined.

Remember FLR is about relationship. That means you + her + your relationship together; the three of you all need love and respect.