Eyewitness Stories


By Gordon Jaquiery
Eyewitness books tell stories from people who were near the action in well known Bible stories. Centered around Jesus these stories show how the life of Jesus touches everyone who comes into contact with Him. Each book has 17 stories over 38 pages, with full page colour photographs placing each story in a modern setting.
These inspiring and quirky stories, from the author’s imagination, are based on stories straight from the Bible. What would the story look like from an eyewitness? A different point of view from the traditional stories, these tales challenge the reader to think for themselves about what it would have been like to be there.

  • Eyewitness: Stories before Jesus $10.99 +Shipping
  • Eyewitness: Stories from the life of Jesus $10.99 +Shipping
  • Eyewitness: Stories of the power of Jesus $10.99 +Shipping
  • Eyewitness: Stories of Advent and Easter $10.99 +Shipping
  • Eyewitness: Who is Jesus? $10.99 +Shipping