GarageBand Soundtracks


29 original soundtracks created in GarageBand (iPad) composed by songwriter Theo Corfiatis. (File size = 252MB)
These soundtracks were created for the ebook iPad Animation ( and are available here for separate purchase by people wanting to license use of additional copies of the soundtracks, or people wanting the music and not the book.
Experiment with the GarageBand files and learn how to make your own soundtracks, or use the ready-to-go MP3 versions for your media project.
Discounts available for multiple copies:
Buy 2-10 copies - save 30%. Buy 11+ copies - save 50%.
Soundtracks include:
29 original unlocked fully editable GarageBand soundtracks for iPad or Mac (Christmas Lights, Food Art, Four Piece Band, Go Girl, Metamorphosis, On the Wall, Race Day, Road Trip, Sampling Song, Water Cycle, Breezy Song, Cool Cat Jive, Emotional Violin, Happy Mandolin, Happy Song, In the Office, Postman, Sahara, Secret Agent, Space Song, Stick Insect, Tense Orchestral, Urban)
29 lossless quality MP3 files
5 Hip Hop Scratches
3 Soundscape loops (Deep Space, High Tech Lab, Mad Scientist Lab)