iPad Animation - Compact Edition (eBook)


iPad Animation – your interactive guide to making stop motion movies on the iPad. Easy!
Boinx iStopMotion – the complete and portable stop motion and time lapse recording studio. Simple!

Learn the complete stop motion process on an iPad - weaving together story, pictures and sound.
More than 230 pages of instruction, tips, examples and flow chart diagrams so you can master stop motion – fast!
iPad Animation covers 4 apps (iStopMotion, Garageband, iMovie and djay), 9 stop motion projects and 15 accessories. Inspiring movie and sound examples are built into the book without the need for web connection.
The iStopMotion chapter covers animation and time lapse.
The GarageBand chapter covers recording voice, samples and creating music.
Get an immediate boost into your learning when you download all the GarageBand files and MP3 soundtracks used in the projects, and a further 15 bonus soundtracks.

NB: The current download file is the first version of iPad Animation. A free update to second version will be sent soon.