SNMP4J-AgentX 3.x Commercial Site License


The Agent Extensibility (AgentX) Protocol allows independently developed sub-agents to communicate with a master agent running on an internet device.

SNMP4J-Agent adds AgentX support for master and sub-agents to any SNMP4J-Agent. SNMP4J-Agent supports TCP socket connections and includes a full implementation of the AgentX MIB for master a agents.

SNMP4J-AgentX implements all features of the AgentX protocol, including but not limited to the following:

  • TCP connections on UNIX and Windows
  • Non-default contexts
  • Shared tables, including INDEX allocation
  • Uses AgentX GETBULK
  • AgentX request timeout handling
  • AgentX MIB
  • Atomic SET requests across multiple subagents

The SNMP4J-AgentX commercial site development license allows an arbitrary number of developers (users) located at a specific postal address (site) to build closed source applications based on SNMP4J-AgentX (including SNMP4J-Agent and SNMP4J). Telecommuters and contractors reporting to a manager at the licensed site are covered by this license too.

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Support & Maintenance

  • SNMP4J-AgentX Annual Support & Maintenance $499.00