AgreeStat 2015.6.1: Statistical Analysis of Multiple Rater Agreement Data


AgreeStat 2015.6.1 is a program written in Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), and is used to perform statistical analysis on the extent of agreement among multiple raters. This program is deployed as a self-automated workbook, and therefore requires no installation. This newer version of the program replaces version 2015.4. You can run several sub-group analyses in batch mode, select specific benchmarking methods, as well as specific raters, or domains to analyze.

AgreeStat 2015.6.1 can compute Chance-corrected Agreement Coefficients as well as Intraclass Correlation Coefficients. This program is unique in its ability to handle missing data for both chance-corrected and intraclass correlation coefficients. Additionally, to compute the weighted kappa, you are not limited to existing standard weights. You have the option of using custom weights that only you can specify. With AgreeStat, you can compute Cohen's Kappa, Conger's generalized Kappa, Gwet's AC1, Krippendorff's Alpha, Brennan-Prediger's coefficient, and various intraclass correlation coefficients. You will be able to obtain the coefficients' respective standard errors, and confidence intervals, and perform several domain analyses in batch mode.

Order AgreeStat now and take advantage of its unique features. Only with AgreeStat 2015.6.1 will you be able to extrapolate your results to both the universe of subjects, and that of observers.