Using R for Excel Analysts: Tools for Increasing Productivity


In this book, you will learn how to use R to automate tedious and repetitive tasks in Excel and Google Sheets. In addition to using R to leverage Excel’s capability in data management and analysis, you will discover all the power of R in data visualization and programmatic reporting. You will see how R can automate the entire workflow from raw data to the final report in PDF, HTML or Word formats. This will allow you to update your analysis report with new data in one click.

The use of OneDrive and Google Drive as a way of sharing your reports with others is extensively discussed. As a bonus, I added a chapter on the important issue of version control with GitHub. Here is where you will learn how to manage the different versions of your R scripts and share them with others if needed, in a collaborative work environment. These are some of the essential skills you must develop to be an effective analyst in the new world of data science.

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