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The Ambient Rings Ringtone Library features 100 discreet ringtones with distinct variations to suit your taste. All of our ringtones resemble the normal-sounding ringers of conventional cellphones.

They are discreet, professional, and well-suited for mature iPhone owners who want to distinguish their device without relying on musical ringtones or sound effects.

Some of our ringtones have been optimized for loud environments like outdoor settings or other public spaces, while others have been tuned for quiet environments like meetings or classes.

By using ringtone variations for different contacts, you can easily differentiate co-workers, friends, and family. You can also use our ringtones for iPhone alarm notification ringers.

Our Ringtone Library features 27 distinctive traditional-sounding ringtones, each with multiple variations. In total, you will receive 100 discreet ringtones for just $2.99 USD.

Our Ringtone Library ZIP package includes:

  • 100 custom-designed, business ringtones
  • iTunes setup instructions
  • iPhone setup instructions


These ringtones are syced to your iPhone with iTunes on your Mac or PC.


Do you need more help? Try watching our setup video.

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