Vectorworks Plugins


Select the plugins you want to buy. The plugins work on Windows and OSX. Please check from the official website the compatibility with your Vectorworks version and read carefully the FAQ before buying.

The plugins only works with regular Vectorworks licenses, that end with 6 digits. If you have any doubt, please contact me before buying: there is no refund.

Prices exclude tax.

14.09.2023: All plugins are compatible with Vectorworks 2024

29.09.2023: If you bought a plugin in the last 3 months, the automatic subscription to the newsletter has probably failed for a problem in the server. This function has been deactivated, so please subscribe the newsletter here to be informed about plugin updates and news.

Selezionare un prodotto

  • Foliage Volume V1.2 $45.00
  • Gutters V1.6 $45.00
  • Furniture V2.2 $35.00
  • Custom Beams V2.1 (only for Vectorworks 2021 and later) $35.00
  • Elements V2.0 (license valid for Vectorworks 2023-2024) $45.00
  • Baseboard V2.0 $45.00