MyCourts is an inexpensive, web enabled solution for your Club's reservations, bookings or scheduling requirements. Additional features include Membership Management, Course/Coaching Management, Event Management as well as Stock Control and Point of Sale facilities.

MyCourts comes in a choice of 3 versions each with fully enabled feaures but limited to the maximum number of courts/facilites you can manage ie. 4, 6 or 8 facilities. Once you have purchased MyCourts 8, Facility Packs can also be purchased to add 5 more facilities to MyCourts 8 up to a maximum of 48 facilities.

Whether you are managing a large complex, multiple locations or just your local social Tennis Club, MyCourts is the solution for you.

Allow your members and guests to book on-line in real time, accept PayPal in payment on-line, Credit Cards, instant booking confirmation - MyCourts has it all.

Choose Version

  • MyCourts 8 $329.95
    MyCourts 8 allows you to manage up to a maximum of 8 courts/facilities. Once you have purchased this version you can also add extra facilities by purchasing Facility Packs.
  • MyCourts 6 $239.95
    MyCourts 6 allows you to manage up to a maximum of 6 courts/facilities.
  • MyCourts 4 $159.95
    MyCourts 4 allows you to manage up to a maximum of 4 courts/facilities.


Additional items to purchase.
  • MyCourts Facility Pack $99.95
    Each Facility Pack adds 5 more facilities to your total licence. NOTE: You must own a MyCourts 8 licence before purchasing and using Facility Packs.