MyCourts: Upgrades and Extra's


Upgrade your Licence to different Versions, add extra facility licences or extend your Priority Support and Upgrade period.


Upgrade your current MyCourts licence.
  • Upgrade MyCourts 6 to MyCourts 8 $109.95
    Upgrade your current Standard Licence to the Enterprise Licence.
  • Upgrade MyCourts 4 to MyCourts 8 $179.95
    Upgrade your Standard Licence to Enterprise Plus Licence.
  • Upgrade MyCourts 4 to MyCourts 6 $109.95
    Upgrade your Enterprise Licence to the Enterprise Plus Licence.
  • Please chose.


Increase your licence facility count or purchase extra's.
  • 12 month Service/Upgrades $119.95
    Extend your current 12 months Priority Support and Upgrade Entitlement.
  • MyCourts Facility Pack $99.95
    Purchase additional Facility Packs. Each Facility Pack adds 5 facilitiy licences to your your current licence entitlement. For example, if you purchase 2 Facility Packs then MyCourts will allow you to manage a total of 18 facilities (8 included in the purchase price plus 2 x 5). Maximum facilities is 48.