Professional Reports for Astro Gold


Would you like to know more about your own birth chart, written by a professional astrologer and writer?

These are carefully-crafted, beautifully illustrated astrology reports, written by experienced, professional astrologers. They are perfect for any astrology enthusiast wanting to create high-quality astrological reports on their Mac.

Once you have created your report you can read it, email it, message it, copy it, send it, print it or export it as a PDF file to other apps that accept PDF files, such as iBooks or DropBox.

These reports also make wonderful gifts for family, friends and acquaintances!

Types of reports that are available:
  • * Birth Chart - An illustrated report interpreting your natal chart.
  • * Predictive - Interpretations and timing of transits for the year ahead.
  • * Relationship - Interpretation of the synastry between two people's birth charts.
  • * Child - A birth chart report for a child or youth.
  • * My Pet - A report for your dog, cat or other pet.
  • * Birthday - A Solar Return report.

The reports all have an easy to read introduction and astrological interpretations for each of the sections.

To learn more about exactly what is included in each report type, in the Astro Gold app:
  • * Read "About" - obtain a more detailed description of each particular report type by selecting the report, and then selecting the "About" button.
  • * Create a Sample Report - you can create one or more samples of any report type just by selecting the report and then selecting the "Sample PDF" button. This generates a report based on a randomly named and dated chart, and saves it to your list of saved reports, in exactly the same manner as if you had licensed the report.

Please note that use of these reports requires the Astro Gold v2.4 or higher to be running on your computer. Use Astro Gold / Check for Updates to make sure you are up to date.

Report Types

  • Professional Birth Chart Report $270.00
  • Professional Predictive Report $195.00
  • Professional Child Report $195.00
  • Professional Birthday Report $195.00
  • Professional Pet Report $125.00
  • Professional Relationship Report $195.00