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Image2Punch Lite is CAD software used to generate custom perforated patterns based on virtually any digital image document. The perforated pattern can then be converted into a DXF file format for a variety of purposes either at design stage or in the manufacturing process.

It is specifically developed for those who want to use Image2Punch for their perforated metal project but do not want to use all the potential that Image2Punch Pro can offer. Users can generate perforated pattern design up to 25000 hits/holes without having to use the CAD conversion service.

The latest version is Image2Punch Lite version 7.0.0 which released in June 2018. This will be the final major version of Image2Punch Lite. Minor update may still be released to fix any bug or programming errors ( e.g. version 7.0.5 ).

When you purchase a licence, it will only valid for one PC and be unique to that PC. In the event of a licence key loss, a change in your computer's configuration or re-installing a new system in your PC (e.g. because of computer viruses), the Machine Code may change and your licence will not valid anymore. Therefore, you may need to get a new licence key to match with the current Machine Code on your PC. And it is my policy that you have the right to acquire 3 RENEWALS license key within the first 2 years from the purchasing date.

All license key and the license key replacement will only be based on the information you supplied at the time you purchase Image2Punch Lite. The license information ( i.e. contact name and company information) cannot be transferred and replaced into another entity.

Please download the Trial Version and play around to see if Image2Punch will be helpful for your purposes before purchasing the licence. I also suggest you to contact me before purchasing any licence. This is to ensure that Image2Punch Lite is the software that you are looking for.

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