Auddict Drums of the Deep


We are happy to bring you DRUMS OF THE DEEP! After meticulous recording with huge numbers of microphones, careful production and programming, we have finally created the ultimate drum library, consisting of many original drums used regularly on the major film scores, and for good reason, as you will see! This sample library is for Kontakt version 4 and above. WHAT'S INCLUDED? • Over 27GB of top quality content • Five microphone positions, to blend you own personal sound • Bigger than ever, with up to eight drummer ensembles recorded • Over 20,000 samples included • Over 50 instruments recorded to create this library. Patch list: Eight Drum Army (Taikos and Gran Casas), Field Drums, Frame Drums, Gran Casas 1, Gran Casas 2, Huge Toms, Rope Tension, Drums, Surdos, Taikos, Taikos ALTMIX, Timpani Ensemble