Auddict Master Brass: Trombones


Like it's prequel, "Octohorn", this library continues our endeavor to create the most sonic-ally controllable orchestral sample library ever created. Sculpt your brass sound with seven mic positions, set up to simulate the same control you would have in a real life film scoring session. The available mic perspectives/positions in this Kontakt library are Decca tree sides and mid, flanks, room, woodwind spots (see more about this below!), close ribbons and close LDCs. These are all conveniently laid out in the mixer on the main GUI when you open the instrument inside Kontakt (see screenshot below). Articulation List No Legato (allows polyphonic playing) Legato - normal slurred legato (piano and forte dynamic layers crossfade-able) Fst Legato - Fast legato specially for fast playing Staccato - Short detached notes (up to 16 variations per note) Flutter - Flutter tongued sustains Rips - Rips up to the played note Chords < - Crescendo major, minor and open 5th chords Chords > - Diminuendo major, minor and open 5th chords