Auddict Virtuosic Violin


The most Living, Breathing Solo Violin Virtual Instrument...Virtuosic Violin Sample Library for Kontakt 4 and Above (Retail Version Only, not Free Kontakt Player) With an instrument as diverse, capable, and exposed as the violin, there is no cutting corners, so we strived to capture as much of the possible sounds a violin can make as possible, resulting in the huge list of articulations you can see below, as well as four sampled legato styles, also shown below. We even specially sampled slurred and bowed legato so you can correctly and realistically phrase passages, and a specially sampled "fast legato" set of intervals, which will allow you to play virtuosic runs and scale passages. On top of this, we want our instruments to be as close in sonic-flexibility to a real situation as they can be, so in addition to providing close and stage mic positions, we have also made sure to have both a ribbon and condenser mic, which you can choose to switch between. Both sounds offer so much in their own right, the ribbon having a beautiful smooth tone, and the condenser being ruthless in exposing every little detail in the sound. The stereo mic position can be widened and narrowed by dragging the mics in the interface. Kontakt VST AU AAX GUI Screenshot of interface Full list of articulations: Normal Sustain Stutter (a quick stuttered grace note before the main sustain) Crescendo FP (loud then suddenly quiet with a crescendo back up) Marcato (A more accented pronounced attack and note) Harmonics Tremolo Trill Semitone Trill Tone Eight sets/combinations of grace note shorts Octave up shorts Pizzicato Spiccato Staccato on-string (detached playing without lifting the bow) Major chords Minor chords Four True-sampled Legato Styles We spent a while tackling how to approach allowing the user to play both slow more drawn out passages, and then also being able to create realistic renditions of more virtuosic, fast passages, and eventually came up with a very intricate technique which allows both. We sampled these intervals completely differently, and set it up so you can switch between these depending on whether you are playing fast or not. So for the faster legato, you can switch to "fast" with the legato keyswitching, and play intervals up to and including a minor third in your scales and runs, maintaining a very realistic sound. The sound of the note transitions on a violin when playing fast is completely different from the sound when playing slower, and both are captured and skilfully programmed into this instrument. Types of Legato Slurred Legato - switching note with the finger only, without changing bow direction... the smoothest legato sound. Bowed Legato - changing the bow at the note change. A more noticeable interval. (slurred and bowed legato are both essential in obtaining a realistic and well phrased performance) Portamento Legato - a subtle slide between notes. Fast Legato - Specially sampled intervals which allow you to play fast runs/scales with intervals up to a minor third between each note - something seriously lacking and rarely possible with most sample libraries.