ASE A8 Interactive Training Software


(A complete software product geared for the ASE A-8 Engine Performance Exam)

The only product of its kind on the market. This ASE A8 Interactive Study Course is not a simple study guide booklet sold at tool houses. This is a complete training system with everything you'll ever need to pass the (ASE A-8 Engine Performance Exam). Within the software you'll find over 100 Video Clips, Diagrams, in-depth textual coverage of the material, and sample exams. The software is divided into all the ASE TASKS for the A-8 exam. Once inside the software, the technician can browse, read, view all video clips and diagrams and leisurely gain all the knowledge necessary to pass the exam. Each video clip duration is between 3 to 7 minutes of brief and concise information. The videos cover such concepts as ignition systems and modules, idle system, electronics, valve adjustment, injectors, equipment usage, sensors, misfires, gas analysis, oscilloscope and diagnostic equipment usage, and other principles dealing with the A-8 exam. This is exactly what you need to know to pass the A-8 exam.

The color diagrams are full of textual explanations on all the finer points relating to the A-8 Engine Performance Exam. The technician can at any time read through the text pertaining to that ASE TASK. You simply don't have to follow a specific order. Study as you please and follow the sections that you think need the most. Not all techs have the same level on knowledge. With this rationale, the ASE A-8 Inter-active Software is made to take the place of a three week intensive in-class course, but without leaving home. We believe that it is simply too difficult to go to school after a hard day at work. It simple doesn't work. The mind can only absorb so much. Don't fall short, learn the material and not just questions and answers like other products. You can pass the ASE A-8 Exam. There's no reason you shouldn't.

After studying the material and feeling confident, you can then go to the sample exam section and take a crack at the different sample exams available. In this section is where the software also shines. When you're ready to take the exam the software keeps a tally of your score. In the event that you fail the question, the program simply explains to you why you failed and all the particulars about what the correct answer should be. So in essence, you learn from your mistakes. All this is done quick and without you having to browse through dozens of pages to get to the knowledge. Study, learn and pass the ASE A-8 Engine Performance Exam with this software product. Future ASE Interactive Study Courses will follow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This software will run on the following systems: Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Pro.

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