Automotive Electrical & Electronics Kit


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This is the beginning of a fun and lucrative training "Automotive Electrical and Electronics Diagnostics". The auto-repair industry categorizes electrical repairs as, "not everyone has that ability". Then, there's the electronics side of things, and again, not everyone can do it, until you train yourself. How do you do that? By using this publication kit. It's all here. It's not the end of your training, but it'll put you at the top, with a strong background and knowledge not acquired at any school by itself. Here's the list of books on pdf.

1) Automotive Relay Circuit Guide

2) Make Your Own Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

3) Auto Electric Repairs Explained

4) Automotive Electronics Diagnostic Course 1

5) Automotive Electronics Diagnostic Course 2

These books can be purchased separately at a premium. You may also link to them separately to get a peek at the table of contents. We, at Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing have developed a unique curriculum to teaching automotive diagnostics. This automotive technology is rarely taught at a tech or vocational school, so the content that you see here is at this training industry's cutting edge. This package is the the beginning of your journey to automotive electrical and electronics diagnostics, with subsequent phases in your training that we can also provide, enjoy.

Automotive Electrical Electronics Kit

  • Auto Electric Repairs Explained $24.99
  • Automotive Relay Circuit Guide $24.99
  • Make Your Own Automotive Diagnostic Equipment $29.99
  • Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course 1 $24.99
  • Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course 2 $24.99

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