Automotive Actuators and EVAP Testing


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Actuators and EVAP Testing, Copyright 2004, 2016, All rights reserved.

This book on PDF gives an in depth look at the many actuators and solenoids that make up a modern automotive system. In this book, we’ll explore the different actuators’ theory of operation, as well as practical testing procedures that will make diagnosing them a lot easier. Additionally, the operation of the basic emission components is also covered. Be patient and take your time in absorbing the information. Hopefully this will make for a great bedside reading. Enjoy and broaden your mind.

Table of Contents

* Leak detection pump – (LDP Operation, LDP solenoid, reed switch and related vacuum hoses, analysis of the LDP, conditions that affect the LDP, EVAP system leak, ELECTRICAL TESTS, scanner test, solenoid tests, reed tests, MECHANICAL TESTS)

* Fuel injector troubleshooting strategy – (Fuel Injector Operation, correct fuel flow and spray pattern, ground controlled, Injector drivers, saturation and the peak-and-hold type driver, ground or positive controlled, injector cut-off routine, injector waveform analysis, high impedance injector, low impedance injectors, conditions that affect injectors, injector testing, current waveform capture, injector ground test, clogged injector tests)

* GM (CS series) alternator repair strategy – (CS alternators operation, different types of alternators, principle of induction, series of diodes, Terminals L, P, F and S, conditions that affect operation, charge output wire tests, alternator testing, L-terminal test, ground test, positive test, using the test light and volt-meter)

* Idle Air Control (IAC) Troubleshooting – (IAC operation, IAC stepper motor, pre-programmed desired idle speed, IAC scanner count, duty cycle controlled, regular DC motor IAC, NOSE SWITCH or THROTTLE SWITCH, coolant temperature activated IAC, coolant temperature activated type, IAC testing, using the scan tool and IAC actuator to test, PID tests)

* EGR System Troubleshooting Strategy – (EGR theory of operation, coolant temperature activated type, exhaust backpressure sensing, EGR temperature sensing, EGR valve lift position sensing, and MAP/O2 sensor feedback sensing, Ford DPFE sensor, Ref. High and Ref. Low Signal, direct method of EGR monitoring, EGR testing, scanner, multi-meter and vacuum testing, EGR boost sensor, electrical wiring/connector/ECM tests)

* EVAP System Diagnostics – (EVAP theory of operation, charcoal canister, supporting fuel vapor hoses, and EVAP purge valve, integration with the ECM, FUEL TRIMS, needed to detect a 0.040” fuel leak, solenoid, LDP type and Reed EVAP sensor, LDP EVAP diagnostics system, LDP diaphragm pump, solenoid based EVAP, closing the vent solenoid, EVAP vacuum switch, condition that affect EVAP operation, cracked vapor hoses, defective fuel tank cap, faulty seals and sensors, broken fuel tank, leaky purge valve, EVAP smoke machine, EVAP Nitrogen test)

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