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This DVD video, of which there's also a companion book by the same title, makes for an extensive work on what BMW has done in late model cars. Various new technologies are covered here. All the technical explanations are done using the latest in CG animation to show the concepts, inner workings and operation. It is a must see for anyone interested in auto repair, automotive instructors, technicians or simply DIY aficionados.

Table of Contents

* BMW Multi-Butterfly Throttle Control

* BMW 8 Cylinder Engine

* BMW Gasoline Direct Injection

* BMW Flex Ray Module Communication

* BMW X-Drive Servo-Motor Operation

* BMW X-Drive Electrical Operation

* BMW X-Drive 4X4 System

* BMW Injector Cut Off Circuit

* BMW (DME) Digital Motor Electronics

* BMW (EPS) Electric Power Steering

* BMW VANOS Valve CAM timing

* BMW VANOS Replacement

* BMW Valvetronic Variable Valve Lift

* BMW Air Vent Control

* BMW Electro-mechanical Parking Brakes

* BMW High Precision Direct Injection

* Automotive PDK Style Dual Clutch Transmissions

The technology that BMW employs makes for a durable and exceptional driving experience. These systems also trickle down to other manufacturers and both end up at either your local repair shop or your own home garage in need of repairs. At the very least as a consumer, this video and companion book, will make you much more a connoisseur of these complex technologies.

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