DIPLOMA-1 (FUEL-TRIMS & O2 Sensor Scanner PID/Datastream Interpretation)


What Problem are You Solving...

Getting and providing to your employer some form of credential around the world today for automotive diagnostic technology is tough. We are known the world over, as a developer of automotive diagnostic technology books, videos, software and equipment. So, what you show from us (Diploma) can be verified by your employer.

Your Issue...

Do you need to show some form of certification to your new or current employer? In most you must show some form of credential or certification. Although you may still get these wherever you're at, this DIPLOMA from us opens the door, and may be all you need to show your knowledge. We are used by hundreds of repair shops, schools and individuals for training and automotive diagnostics needs, so we are the developers.

What You Get...

You get everything you need to study and pass the EXAM and get a DIPLOMA. The shipping for the Diploma is included. The study material is included and free of charge, with an Exam-fee, used to cover the cost of correcting and checking the exam.

Solution to Your Problem...

With this EXAM package, you get a credential testifying to your knowledge in a specific area of automotive diagnostic technology. And all done with our Free-Provided study material in the form of publications, diagrams and videos. The only thing that's not included is the Exam grading fee, which you have to get here.

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