OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia and Cross-Reference Guide


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OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia and Reference Guide

This book on pdf is an entire OBD-2 code encyclopedia and a cross reference guide. With over 220 pages long, you get a lot of information here. You get automotive sensor normal values, Fuel Rail pressure sensor values, AFR or air-fuel-ratio sensor cross reference, DPFE, Fuel-Trims, Fuel-Flow rates, electrical cross-ref., network-diagnostics and thousands of code, plus... the code setting criterias for these codes.

The OBD-2 Automotive Code Encyclopedia and Cross-Reference Guide is over 220 pages long. It is loaded with automotive OBD-2 code definition and Code-Setting criteria. The CSC is an exact description of how the code was set; and it's different for every manufacturer. The P0xxx code definitions are the same for all manufacturers, but the CSC is totally different. The CSC used in conjunction with a Mode-06 scanner like our Scan-1 is the perfect combination. If you already have a Mode-06 capable scanner, then this guide is all you need. This publication is a very valuable asset for any professional auto tech or for the do-it yourselfer DIY home mechanic.

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