OBD-2 Secret Weapon


The OBD-2 Secret Weapon Software Download is a professional On-Board Diagnostics Second Generation (OBD-2) auto-repair software. It is meant as a complete stop for all your auto diagnostic needs fro vehicles made 1996 to the present. The OBD-2 system is a standard that all car makers must go by. Legally, all cars sold in the US and the EU must be OBD-2 compliant. That means the same diagnostic connector and DTC-Code definitions.

The whole electronics of an OBD-2 car has to speak the same language. Why? for convenience to the consumer. Here's where the OBD-2 system and the OBD-2 Secret Weapon come into play. The software is a sort of service manual/guide to your vehicle repair from 1996 to the present. From code-definitions, code setting criteria or how the code was set, parameter analysis, waveform encyclopedia, diagnostic path routines, erasing normal and adaptive memory, and an array of systems are covered. This software is meant for the professional and the home mechanic, or if you just want to save money. It's content is unique and meant for exactly what you need. Hope you enjoy...

NOTE: If you've already purchase our OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software, then you don't need this software, as you may get a lot of repeated coverage.

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