OBD-2 Troubleshooter


The OBD-2 Troubleshooter Software is a full diagnostic computer program that guides you through the diagnostics process. The software’s diagnostics approach is that of a logical and sequential algorithm (step-by-step procedure).

It follows the same basic format that the ECM does when running the monitors. The OBD-2 Troubleshooter is organized in a 3 step process, with sub-steps. The actual software guides you in the right direction. To be used in conjunction with your OBD-2 Generic scanner, it is a guided interactive program. The software covers all you'll ever need during an OBD-2 repair.

Here are the OBD-2 Troubleshooter features:

OBD-2 Troubleshooter features

• All OBD-2 repairs are done in 3 EASY STEPS

• Made for any shop that is involved in OBD-2 STATE INSPECTION repairs.

• For all repair shop working on 1996 and up vehicles.

• Covers from 1996 (some 1994s) to now

• EXTREMELY powerful code setting criteria information.

• VEHICLE SPECIFIC code setting criteria. This is information on the conditions needed of “How Each Code is Set” in memory.

• Code description on all P0xxx and code setting criteria on P1xxx

• If you work on some vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler) the adaptive memory (special memory) has to be reset. The software covers all vehicle makes on resetting the adaptive memory.

• Covers all drive cycles for Domestic, Asian and European.

• Extensive coverage on testing all system monitors. How to test them and when is it necessary.

• The software can print a nice looking “CUSTOMER REPORT” as well as a Technician Report with instructions on how to proceed with the repair.

• Extensive HELP on testing many sensors and actuators.

• Includes a NO COMMUNICATION feature. This is a very common problem.

• Deep coverage in how to approach a CODE P0170 series (lean and rich conditions). Happens all the time in OBD-2.

• Testing EVAP systems covered in detail.

• Misfire testing and detection strategies are included.

• How to approach EGR faults.

• What to do when faced with Oxygen Sensor and O2 HEATER codes.

• How to read freeze frames and scanner snapshots.

• Definitions for ALL PIDS (Parameters on the scanner) on OBD-2 Generic protocols. This stuff in gold. And How to Use these PIDs to repair a problem.

• Extensive glossary of definitions.

We also encourage you to view the user's manual on our website for an in-depth review of all this software product does. Hope you enjoy.

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