Climate Control/AC Troubleshooter Software


The Climate Control and AC System Troubleshooter software is simply the best and most complete diagnostic software system on the market for the money. This simple to use, but powerful software is fully interactive. Special sections are included for "Pressure Analysis", which will save the technician lots of diagnostic time and money. The program asks the technician to change a set of gauges (High and Low) on the screen by inputting "LOW" and "HIGH" pressure values. Then the tech presses a button and the software will calculate possible causes from hundreds of scenarios, down to the faulty component. This is a very powerful feature.

Other section includes specific wiring diagrams per manufacturer and system, climate control and electronic air divert-er flap motor/actuator tests also good for training, accessing AC codes without a scanner (whenever possible), etc. Most climate control systems can be diagnosed by pressing a series of buttons on the dash. This is a very closely guarded secret. The average tech will need to spend a large amount of money on books to get this information.

This software is based on practical, tried and tested observation, and applications. The information here is not contained anywhere else. It has been compiled from practical knowledge base and experience. More features include charge specs, charging the system using pressures and without a scale (if allowed in your State or Country), English to Metric and Decimal to Ounces conversion interactive section, electrical tests, taking the AC system out of Fail-Safe-Mode, as well as many other help tips to make the job easier. Simply put, this is a complete package deal.