Acura/Honda SRS Airbag Repair Manual


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Acura/Honda SRS Airbag Repair Manual

This book is based on the "Automotive SRS/Air-Bag Troubleshooter" software by the same author. All similarities to this software package are intended. Both of these products are copyrighted by the author, Mandy Concepcion.

This book came out of an extensive research conducted during the development of the software product by the same name. Modern supplemental restraint systems are a wonder of technology. They are in reality pyrotechnic devices in charge of your safety. They are also difficult to diagnose and repair due to their safety issues. You simply can't employ normal diagnostic and repair procedures when dealing with these systems. It is just very dangerous to do a simply resistance test, for example, using a multi-meter. The actual minute current outputted by the multi-meter is enough to possibly trigger the air bag in your face and case body damage. For reason, SRS/Air-Bag systems require technical know-how and common sense.

This book is meant to acquaint you with the general characteristics of modern air bag systems according to year, make and model. You will gain knowledge of SRS/Air-Bag operation in here, but this is not mainly a book on this system's principle of operation. The present book is a customized make and model SRS repair manual. Finally one specific value of this book is the availability of air-bag module resistance values. A huge part of air-bag repair is based on removing the steering wheel or passenger air bag, connecting a special resistor as a substitute and determining that the SRS light on the dash goes out. This can only happens if the right resistor is used, hence the value of this information. Further uses for this book is accessing the SRS computer to retrieve codes without a scan tool. Most SRS systems are NOT SCAN TOOL CAPABLE, but you do need to know the specific procedure to access these SRS codes as shown here. So, without further ado, enjoy…

Table of Contents

* System Operation

* How to Access codes

* Code Access without a scan tool

* SRS Repair codes

* Component Location

* SRS Light

* Front Air-Bags

* Side Air-Bags

* Seat Belt Tensioner

* Secondary Air Inflator

* Side Impact Crash Sensor

* Front Impact Crash Sensor

* Seat Belt Switch

* Occupancy Sensor