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Following are the titles of our books in audio format or AudioBooks (MP3). Feel free to browse the specific Audiobook page of the same title for it's contents. The price seen here is without the DISCOUNT (-$5each), which you'll see after CLICKING 3 or more Audiobooks and clicking "Order Now" below.

Audiobook Titles

  • Make Your Own Diagnostic Equipment Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Auto Electric Repairs Explained AudioBook (MP3) $19.99
  • Variable Valve Timing & Lift Explained Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Automotive Relay Circuit Guide Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Automotive Actuators Testing Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Diesel Common Rail Injection Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Gasoline Direct Injection Explained Audiobook (MP3) $19.99
  • Automotive Sensor Operation and Testing Audiobook (MP3) $19.99