Auto-Tech Starter's Training Kit


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The Automotive Technician Starter's kit is the beginning of your new career. Whether you're thinking of going into a new profession or just getting ahead in the field of automotive diagnostics, here's where you start. These 5 books are offered here at a substantial discount from the printed versions or over 30% OFF. These books are in PDF format and able to be read in any computer or even a web browser. The 5 books are as follows:

1) Automotive Sensor Testing and Oscilloscope Waveform Analysis

2) Automotive Actuators and EVAP System Testing

3) OBD-II Diagnostic Strategies

4) Automotive Electronics Course-1

5) Automotive Electronics Course-2

These books can be purchased separately at a higher price. You may also link to them on their separate webpage to get a peek at the table of contents. We, at Automotive Diagnostics and Publishing have developed a unique curriculum to teaching automotive diagnostics. This automotive technology is rarely taught at a tech or vocational schools, so the content that you see here is at this training industry's cutting edge. This package is the first step, with subsequent phases in your training what we can also provide, enjoy.

Auto-Tech Starters Training Kit

  • Automotive Sensor Testing and Scope Waveform Analysis $24.99
  • Automotive Actuators and EVAP Testing $24.99
  • Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course 1 $24.99
  • Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course 2 $24.99
  • OBD2 Diagnostics and Repair Strategies $24.99
  • Auto Electric Repairs Explained $24.99