Auto Electric Repairs Explained AudioBook (MP3)


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Auto Electric Repairs Explained, Audio Book (MP3).

(Presented on two formats, US and UK English (MP3 1:25:19 Minutes)

Including techniques, on performing all kinds of automotive electrical repairs. copyright 2006, 2017, By Mandy Concepcion.

Techniques such as current ramping, voltage drop, scope usage, sound tracing, current draw test and many others are covered. This book and our other electronics courses 1 & 2 are a must have for any tech or DIY interested in delving into the world of electric and electronic auto repair.

Special thanks given to all the techs and shops who supported my investigations on this technology, and to my wife for her support…God bless.

Table of Contents

The OBD-II DLC or Data-Link-Connector

Electric and Electronic Diagnostics

Electron Flow Theory

How to Do a Voltage Drop Test

How to do a Current/Amperage Test

Stressing the circuit

How to do a Resistance Test

Doing a Continuity Test

Finding Battery Parasitic Current Draw

Electric Ground & Chassis Ground Testing

Sensor Ground Electric Testing

Using the Fox & Hound (tone generator) to find open circuits

Current Ramping Electric Technique

Current Ramping a Fuel Pump

Current Ramping the Ignition Coil

Current Ramping an Injector

Current Ramping Compression Test

Starter Electric Diagnostic Test

Alternator Wire Electronic Voltage-Drop Test

Battery Power Electric Test

Battery Current Draw Electric Test

Ignition Coil Current Ramping Technique

Automotive Electric Wiring Diagrams

Electric Cooling Fan Wiring Diagram Interpretation

Ignition Switch Electric Test