Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course 1


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(Including How to Read Automotive Wiring Diagrams)

By Mandy Concepcion, copyright 2008, 2017

With the ever increasing electronic content in today’s vehicles, the need to be able to read automotive wiring diagrams is as important as knowing how to use the different equipment needed to perform diagnostic work. This work will prepare you to later on be proficient at reading and following wiring diagrams.

Reading wiring diagrams requires a bit of knowledge of electricity and experience. By knowing the laws and rules that govern electron flow, you can become very proficient at this endeavor. Good luck and enjoy.

Table of Contents

- Introduction

- Electron theory and atoms

- Atoms and electrons

- Like forces repel and unlike forces attract.

- Electron Theory and Metals

- What is current?

- What is resistance?

- Resistance in series and parallel

- Resistance and Power

- What is voltage?

- Introduction to transistors?

- What are transformers?

- Current Flow Analysis

- Switches and Relays