Automotive Sensor Operation and Testing Audiobook (MP3)


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Automotive Sensor Operation and Testing Audiobook (2:57:46 Min.)

A Diagnostics Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems series.

By Mandy Concepcion, Copyright, 2004 and 2017.

This audio book is copyrighted under Federal Law, to prevent the unauthorized use or copying of its audio contents or files.

Recorded in the U.S.A.

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Following is the Table of Contents.

The book specializes in automotive sensors, so here are the covered sensors. This includes, Theory of Operation, Conditions that Affect Operation, and Component Testing Procedures.

1. O2, or Oxygen Sensor.

2. APP, accelerator Pedal Position Sensor.

3. Cam and crank sensor.

4. ECT, Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.

5. IAT, Intake Air Temperature Sensor.

6. Knock Sensor, or Detonation Sensor.

7. MAF, or Mass Air Flow Sensor.

8. MAP, Manifold Air Pressure Sensor.

9. TPS, Throttle Position Sensor.

10. VSS, Vehicle Speed Sensor.

11. air conditioning Pressure Sensor.

12. FRP, Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor.

13. PFS, Evap Purge Flow Sensor.

14. AFR, Air Fuel, or Wide Range Air Fuel Sensors.