Auto-Scope & Signal Generator Simulator Software


Oscilloscope Signal Generator and Simulator Software

IMPORTANT: FYI these are training softwares. You MAY NOT connect these programs using your PC to the car. With these softwares you may generate/manipulate signals and view them on your PC-Laptop screen. You can adjust the Amplitude and Frequency and view these signals with fully usable/adjustable 2 channel oscilloscope.

The Auto-Scope Simulators are PC based Softwares, now fully updated, that run on your Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 Pro computer. In this latest update you actually get two separate programs, so double the training bang. One of the programs is more of a Lab-Scope with an included signal generator (all happens inside your PC. Nothing extra to buy). The other Auto-Scope Simulator is based on the Scope-1 Diagnostic System and also has pictorial diagrams on how to connect and sample signals. They both form the market's only scope training simulators, used by hundreds of tech schools and instructors.

These programs use your PC or Laptop to generate different signal, which include: Sine, Square, saw-tooth and various others if you know the formula. Intended as a two channel oscilloscope training tool. Once the program opens, then you can simply use the included signal simulator to generate all kinds of waveforms. Although the signal simulator parts is not cataloged into the different sensors and actuators, it is nevertheless possible to simulate pretty much any signal you could possibly find on any automobile today.

The Auto-Scope Simulator is simply a great tool to learn the intricacies of using a modern automotive oscilloscope. We hope you enjoy.