OBD-2 Scanner Simulator Trainer


The OBD-2 Scanner Simulator Trainer is a unique PC/Laptop based software that'll train you in a variety of auto-repair issues. Not only is a great tool for the student/instructor, but also or the season mechanic.

Now, what is the OBD-2 Scanner Simulator Trainer Software Download?

The software is composed of three parts:

1) A full fledged OBD-2 Scanner, based on our long standing Scan-1 System.

2) An Engine Simulator window sections, with a series of PID-Parameters/Sensor/Actuator sliders. This section allows you to change the engine data-stream as you please, while being reflected on the OBD-2 Scanner part. This section also has a wide variety of "FAULTs" pre-programmed into it, such as Lean/Rich Condition, MAF Sensor Fault, MAP fault, Clogged Exhaust, Clogged EGR, ECT code, O2 sensor fault, and much more. The idea is to teach you how these issues reflect on the Scan values and the engine itself.

3) A Component Simulator window section that shows you how whatever you do with the Engine Simulator, reflects on the signal waveform and scanner. The Component Simulator is also loaded with a bunch of sensors and actuators.

The whole 3 sections are totally interconnected, so that whatever you do with the Engine Simulator reflects on the Scanner and Component Simulators as well. Once in the software, you can retrieve the datastream, as you would with a regular car, and see it all on the Engine-Component-Scanner simulator screens. Change one PID, and then see how the rest of the other PIDs also change.

There's a lot of built-in intelligence behind the OBD-2 Scanner Simulator Trainer, such as that it behaves like a true automobile. And whatever you do in one Simulator screen, the effects are seen throughout the entire datastream. This is the only OBD-2 Simulator Trainer on the market today.

Note: Just so that you know, this software doesn't communicate with the car's ECM (computer). This is a complete training software.