SRS Airbag Troubleshooter


A Complete SRS Diagnostics solution. This software is intended to guide the technician or mechanic throughout the entire SRS/Airbag diagnostic process. This is what you get bundled within this computer program: A Three Step Process to diagnosing all airbag problems, with complete Airbag Diagnostics for all Domestic and Asian vehicles.

Domestic coverage for General Motors, FORD/Lincoln/Mercury and All Chrysler/Dodge group vehicles (including Chrysler Imports). Asian coverage for Acura/Honda, Isuzu/Mazda/Subaru, Infinity/Nissan, Kia/Hyundai/Mitsubishi and Lexus/Toyota.

Print capabilities for “Customer Report” and “Technician Report”. Extensive Tips and Help section on the following SRS components: Tools & Equipment, Secondary Inflator Airbags, Side Airbags, Crash Sensors, Seat Occupancy Sensor, Clockspring, Seat Belt Tensioner, Driver Side Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Complete system operation and divided into a specific manufacturer.

HOW to ACCESS SRS CODES without a scanner, if this process is supported. Some manufacturers require a scanner to access SRS codes. All SRS CODES DEFINITIONS from the introduction of SRS systems. SRS COMPONENT LOCATIONS. The ability to send and print any data on the report. DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES for the following SRS COMPONENTS: (Including Operation, Tests, Scanner Diagnostics, and Open and Short Circuit Tests), SRS Light (Including Networked Instrument Clusters), Front Airbags, Side Air Bags, Seat Belt Pretensioners, Secondary Airbag Inflator, Side Impact Crash Sensor, Front Crash Sensor, Seat Belt Switch, Occupancy Sensor.

IMPORTANT !!! All RESISTANCE values for airbag simulator RESISTORS are given. This information is found nowhere else. How to test all SRS components for OPEN and SHORT circuits. Testing of SRS codes using an airbag sensor simulator resistor. Visual diagrams of most of the different components. SRS Disabling Procedures (specially useful for body shop), Danger Point on working on SRS Systems, Resetting All, Computer Memory Factors (done after working on an SRS system and having, disconnected the battery). Including BODY Module, ECM, ABS, etc., Glossary of definitions.

Like no other product of its kind on the market. A COMPLETE SRS SOLUTION. Download the user's manual on pdf below. This software will run on the following systems: Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista, 7 & 8 Pro.